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School Counselor (Students with last name A-L)
K-12 School Counseling Department Chair
School Counselor (Students with last name M-Z)
Derry Cyber Online Education Advisor
Mrs. Kassy Shrum
Counseling Office Secretary
Mrs. Tammy Trice
Counseling Office Aide
Derry Area High School | 988 North Chestnut Street, Ext. Derry, PA 15627 | 724-694-2780, Extension 3104
The mission of the Derry Area School District School Counseling Department is to provide developmental and systematic support to each student ensuring his/her academic, career, and social/emotional development and achievement.
Derry Area school counselors are professional school advocates who provide proactive and preventative support to maximize student potential. The programs and interventions offered to students are delivered collaboratively with school staff, families and members of the community, offering seamless transitions to each student’s next steps in life.
The ultimate goal of the program is that each student from the Derry Area School District will graduate with the personal, academic and career related skills and knowledge to make responsible decisions while positively contributing to society.
  • Graduation Requirements & Academic Planning
  • Schedule Conflicts/Questions
  • Assist with Teacher Communications
  • Grades, Progress Reports, or Report Cards
  • Keystone Exams & Act 158 Alternative Pathways
  • PowerSchool Parent & Student Portal Assistance, aka, viewing grades online
  • Official/Unofficial Transcript
  • College Application
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Scholarship Information
  • SAT/ACT Registration
  • Career Pathways
  • Career Artifacts (Career Readiness Indicators)
  • Personal Concerns
  • Peer/Friend Relationships
  • Family Issues
  • Self Help Resources
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP)