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SAT & ACT Tests

Registering for the SAT or ACT?     (UPDATED for 2023-2024)
Select a link below to learn more about registration, finding a test site and identifying test prep resources.
* Fee waivers are available for qualifying students. Students should see the high school counselors for more information. COMPASS - The fast and easy way to access benefits - anytime and anywhere.

Navigating Test-Optional Applications

One of the major changes some colleges made after the pandemic is not requiring students to submit standardized test scores, SAT or ACT. Will they go back to requiring testing in the future? The pandemic forced a number of colleges to rebalance their approach to admissions, leaving them no choice but to experiment with potentially ditching standardized tests. Unfortunately for you, the student, you'll need to do research to see if the college you are interested in will still require a standardized test score. One thing to keep in mind is you can always take the test, but once you receive your results, you may have an option to apply with or without the standardized test score (test-optional applications). If you have any questions about standardized testing, please see your school counselor.
Average SAT Test Scores and Scoring Results Explained

After taking the SAT, you might think about how you fare against the average SAT test taker. In the link below learn about national and state averages as well as the score ranges of the Top 25 Ranked Colleges, most popular schools, and local colleges.