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2023-2024 DAHS Schedules were distributed during homeroom today to current 9th-11th Grade students. Please review your schedule. If a scheduling conflict is found, you can complete the ‘DAHS Schedule Conflict‘ form.


Utilize this form to request that your schedule be reviewed by the school counselors. Schedule changes will be made if you are 1) missing a core class, 2) missing a graduation requirement, or 3) placed in the wrong level of a class. If you would like to add a class to replace your study hall, a schedule change could possibly be made (keep in mind this must be a 6-day a week study hall).


‘Move Up’ Day is scheduled for Tuesday, May 30 during 7th and 8th Periods. Students will walk their schedules and spend some time in each Period. More information will be provided.


Once you have completed the ‘DAHS Schedule Conflict‘ form, your counselor will contact you after it is determined whether an adjustment can be made to your schedule. Not all schedule conflicts will be revised by ‘Move Up’ Day. The counselors will also have summer hours. To make an appointment with your counselor, please call the Counseling Office at 724-694-2780, extension 3105.


Please Note:

- Lunches will be added this summer and are based on your 6th Period class

- Core classes cannot be moved to add an elective

- No more than 10 study halls per week on a 6-day cycle within a semester

- Homerooms for 9th Grade and EWCTC students will be developed this summer

The high school counselors will be taking the entire 9th grade class on a tour of the Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center (EWCTC) on Friday, February 3 from 9:15 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Once at the EWCTC, students will visit the center’s programs. Lunch will be provided at the EWCTC. Then students will choose a program and spend additional time learning more about that program and performing hands-on activities. Students will be returning to the high school shortly after 2:00 p.m. Students are asked to wear appropriate clothing on the day of the tour (i.e. no open-toe shoes, no dresses or skirts). Please feel free to contact the Counseling Office at (724) 694-2780, with any questions.
The high school counselors will start meeting with students as they get ready for the 2023-2024 school year. Each grade level will be given scheduling tools in their Google Classrooms. Also more information will be provided under this Scheduling tab.
Class of 2027 - February 1
Class of 2026 - February 10
Class of 2025 - February 13
Class of 2024 - February 7
2022-2023 student schedules will be distributed by USPS mail sometime this summer. If you have questions, please contact the High School Counseling Office at 724-694-2780, extension 3104.
The high school counselors will meet with current 8th Grade students on Wednesday, February 2. During this meeting a presentation will highlight the Curriculum Planning Guide, graduation requirements, the scheduling process, and all courses offered at the high school. Students will be invited to a Google Classroom, '2026 - Counseling Office.' This classroom will allow students to access all needed scheduling materials and tools as well as begin to share information about the high school via website links.
During the first week of each course, students may add or drop courses by completing the official forms. Classes may be added after this time only with permission of the teacher.
Students who drop classes within the first week of the semester will be dropped from the course and no record of the course will appear on the transcript.
Students who withdraw after the first week in the course will receive a "WF" (0%) grade.
Students may not enter a new course after the class has been in session for five (5) days without teacher and/or principal permission.
Students who initially attend class, but due to poor academic performance are not making satisfactory progress, may be recommended for withdrawal or change in placement by the teacher after the second week of the semester. Students recommended for withdrawal will be initiated by the teacher.